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NSD 2015 Freebie | Silhouette Sunday

Hey Guys!

As many of you know, National Scrapbook Day was this weekend! To celebrate, I’m offering a free cut file for Silhouette Sunday! I usually make things geared towards card makers but I figured it was time to give my scrapbookers a little love. Plus, I was super sick this weekend so the chances of me getting a project made, filmed and edited was slim to none. The file is a print and cut file of die cut titles. If you have a laser printer, you can use your Minc or high heat laminator to foil it for a fancy touch! 😀 

NSD Free.001

Click here to download the file. You can fill in the cart system with dummy data to check out (123 Main St, ECT…).


February 2015 – Haul #1

So my online orders have been trickling in from my shopping extravaganza last month. 🙂 So often, we forget that odd places can have some crafty awesomeness!

—————————-New Goodies————————————–

Polaroid Fotobar

I’m always on the hunt for a well-printed picture. 🙂 It’s an obsession that started when I was in college. I always enjoyed photography and had the privilege of working in a photography studio (that actually printed IN-HOUSE) when I was a junior in college. Part of the gig was understanding the chemistry of a ginormous Kodak printer (and being able to roll/load photo paper and film blind, but that’s another topic all together…:)). The experience taught me a whole bunch of things about photography, chemistry and people but the most important thing it gave me is an appreciation for good, consistent print quality. This appreciation is what led me to give the Polaroid Fotobar a try.

Currently, the only brick-and-mortar locations are in Florida and Washington DC. (More locations are in the works, but they are all in Florida.) I grew up in south Florida and visit friends and family that still live there on a regular basis. On my last trip I swung into the Polaroid Fotobar that I had read about online. Their focus seems to be on printing from mobile devices (i.e.-instagram) but they can print any picture you load into your account in a “Polaroid” style picture. If you’re particularly fond a photo, they can print it on wood, canvas, metal, paper or bamboo in a bigger-than-my-livingroom size. Anyways, without further ado… the fotobar.


2013-07-23 15.05.08

A row of computers to load, crop and submit your photos.

2013-07-23 15.05.26-2

Complimentary water to keep you hydrated. Photo cropping is taxing, lol!

2013-07-23 15.04.53

Trinkets to buy while they print your polaroids. 🙂

2013-07-23 15.10.11

Some history. :p

Want to print your own pics? Visit the at www.polaroidfotobar.com! (They even have international shipping!) Thanks for stopping by! 🙂