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Stamp Perfect

While cruising the aisles of my local Michael’s a little item caught my eye…

It’s called “Stamp Perfect” by Hampton Art and it looks a lot like the MISTI stamp tool. Here is an unboxing and a quick review:

(Note: I don’t know if the design was licensed to Hampton Art or what but they do look a lot alike. I won’t deny that! I know some people will say “well MISTI was first” so it’s not fair but let’s be honest – we don’t know the details. Additionally, I don’t buy the “first” argument – the Gutenberg press was first, lol. But in all seriousness, there was a previous product called “Stampressive” that was a hinged stamping press. If I have to give a crafting “first” award, I’d have to give it to that!)

The NEW Silhouette Mint!

I love packages. It’s like opening a gift except I know what’s inside. 😀

I’ve had my eye on the Silhouette Mint every since I saw it at CHA a few months ago. I was actually really tempted to purchase the original Casio Pomrie version a while back but word on the street was that refills were really hard to get. I saved my impulse purchase for the Mint and I’m glad I did! The results are much better than I expected.

The Mint is a thermal printer that uses blanks or “refills”. It’s more of a self-inking stamp than the rubber/clear style we’ve come to know and love in the paper crafting world. I’m planning on trying out some other ink options with the Mint stamps. The Silhouette inks are decent but the colors aren’t as intense as I expected.

Another surprise was that the Mint doesn’t use Silhouette Studio…. you’ll learn more about that in the video.

Cameo vs Curio | What’s the Difference?

Now that I have my Curio unboxed and running, I have a good idea of what it can do and why it’s not a replacement for the Cameo. Many of us purchased our current Curio machines three or four years ago. In my “there’s-a-new-iPhone-every-year” mind it feels like we have been waiting an eternity for a new machine. But leave it to Silhouette to throw convention to the wind and say “suprise” this isn’t a replacment for you beloved Silhoutte Cameo. I can’t really say I blame them… “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” right?!

Unboxing the NEW Silhouette Curio!!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!

Guess what I just got! The poor postman has been at my house non-stop this summer. I need to go back to work! 😆 If you haven’t heard, Silhouette has several new products set to release over the next few months. I have my eye on several items, like the new Silhouette Mint stamp maker as well as some new consumable products. While I wait for those other items to come out I’l just have to enjoy unboxing this new beauty!!