Happy New Year | 2016

I know, I know…
Where I have I been the last month?!?!  Let me update you on what happened in December.

(Cue Flashback Sequence)
The month started with the best intentions but life, as it does, got all up in the way. My plan was to crank out a few Christmas card videos and film my December Daily progress but none of that worked out. I got sick a few days before Thanksgiving and that was the beginning of the end. 🙁 It all started as a head cold but by day 16, I had moved on to full bronchitis. I needed steroids and antibiotics to make it back to health. The day I got better, my poor husband got sick. My illness, his illness plus the long list of holiday “to-do” list meant there was no time for crafting. Kleenex, NyQuil and sleep was the story of December 2015.

Anyways, I have big crafty plans for 2016!